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Fire Damaged House

Fire Damage Restoration Done Right

After a fire, smoke, ozone, and carbon dioxide can continue to cause problems. If left untreated, CO2 will seep into building materials and exacerbate asthma or other respiratory conditions—or even lead to carbon dioxide poisoning. At ER Restoration, we offer complete fire damage restoration services throughout the Bay Area.

Ozone & CO2 Elimination

Our team restores fire-damaged properties to perfect condition. Using cutting-edge equipment and supplies, we completely clean the structure and contents of your home or business, making an inventory of all items that cannot be saved. We also use air scrubbers to remove all carbon dioxide molecules from the air and ensure a healthy environment for everyone who uses your building.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage can cause serious health problems, ruin the appearance of a building, and result in unpleasant smells. We specialize in eliminating all forms of smoke damage. In addition to our fire restoration services, we also restore areas damaged by cigarette smoke and cooking smoke.

Cleaned Fire Damage